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Roller shutters are a great investment no matter where you live in Australia, as they not only look great and add value to your home, but they offer amazing benefits and cost savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Roller Shutters deliver big savings on your heating and cooling costs

Roller shutters have been found to deliver savings of up to 30% on heating and cooling costs. With a dense PU foam core our roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation properties helping to keep the heat locked inside during winter. There is nothing more frustrating than heating the house only to find moments after the heater is turned off that all the heat has disappeared from the home. Roller shutters provide and extra layer of insulation at the windows and have the added advantage of helping to prevent cold drafts to ensure that more of your heat stays in the home. Roller shutters are equally valuable in the summer months helping to keep your home cool and comfortable. Glass is a known conductor of heat and as soon as the sun shines it starts to heat up the glass and heat up the home; However, roller shutters provide a physical barrier to prevent the sun from reaching the glass which dramatically reduces heat build-up in the home. By closing your roller shutters when you leave for work on a summers day you’ll not only come home to a much cooler house, but you’ll have also protected your carpets and furniture from the fading effects of UV light.

Roller Shutters protect your windows from extreme weather

With the Australian climate being so harsh we’ve all experienced those days or nights when there is high wind and driving rain. There is nothing more frustrating than the sound of windows/doors rattling or the constant sound of wind whistling through the windows and in some cases small amounts of water entering through the window opening seals. It’s especially disturbing at night when you can’t sleep because of noisy weather. However, with Shutters4U roller shutters you can sleep peacefully during any storm because your roller shutters not only block out the wind, rain and drafts but they’ll also dramatically reduce the noise from the storm. What’s more should there be any hail or other flying debris they provide a strong physical barrier to protect the windows and frames from damage.

Roller shutters are noise reducing helping create a quiet and peaceful environment

Living next to an airport, school, busy road or noisy pets and neighbours can be a stressful and uncomfortable affair, however roller shutters may be the ideal solution for creating a more peaceful environment. Roller shutters have been found to absorb and block up to 50% of the external noise transmission, enabling you to enjoy a quieter and more serene internal environment. With a 9mm thick layer of dense PU foam at the core of our roller shutters you can’t help but notice the dramatic noise reduction that our roller shutters provide.

Roller Shutters for increased security and privacy

Windows are one of the main areas through which thieves can enter a home. Roller shutters provide a great visual and physical deterrent to thieves. With the windows completely covered potential thieves cannot see your valuables nor can they break the window to gain entry.

Roller Shutters creating the perfect environment for shift workers and day sleepers

Roller shutters are a great addition to the bedroom for shift workers. Once deployed roller shutters have a room darkening effect and this, combined with their huge noise reduction properties provides a dark and peaceful environment conducive to sleep.

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