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Commercial Roller Shutters – The perfect security option for your commercial property.

Having commercial roller shutters can be expensive and a very complicated process. However, with shutters 4u it is possible to take advantage of the DIY Roller shutters market by getting your shutters and simply installing them on your commercial property yourself or by someone local.

Getting roller shutters for your commercial property is easy with us, you just need the exact measurements of your windows by following our measurement and installation guide, and then simply go through the website and adjust your commercial window shutters sizes for exactly what you require.

Once complete, your commercial window shutters will get manufactured and sent to your door. Check out our video about the process and ensure you have someone local who can install the commercial security shutters for you. This is the very cheapest option to get your commercial shutters on any property with huge savings.

Why choose Shutters 4u for your commercial roller shutters?

It’s a very simple process, you find your measurements, submit your details, pay for the shutters and install them by yourself or someone else locally. The savings you can get ordering from us will be huge. We reduce that need for the middle man and in turn, create a great opportunity for you to save money whilst getting the best shutters on the market on your commercial property. With larger 55mm, and wider 11mm slats than our DIY domestic roller shutters, our commercial roller shutters range is the perfect choice for large openings such as garage doors, large sliding doors and commercial doors.  Able to accommodate openings of up to 11.8m2 and spanning up to 4.2m wide our commercial security shutters range is tough, durable and offers increased strength, security and protection for all windows and doors.

Max Width4.2mm
Max Window Heights3.1mm
Max Sq.M11.8
Weight per sq.m3.4
Gauge of Aluminium0.32
Slat Height 50mm
Slat Thickness11mm


Commercial shutters are nothing but roller doors where slats are horizontally aligned together. Most of the time, commercial shutters are installed in garages, shop fronts, warehouses, etc.

We at Shutters4u have commercial roller shutters, security shutters, window shutters which can go well for your space.

Hi, you will be receiving a warranty for five years on our commercial shutters. However, considering our experience we also guarantee you that there will be no trouble. It will be a worth it investment.

Yes, commercial shutters are easy to clean and maintain. They are made from the finest quality of materials, hence requiring very little maintenance. To clean the surface, you can use a damp cloth and wipe off the extra dirt.

After placing an order for the commercial shutters, you can expect the delivery within 3-4 weeks.