DIY Roller Shutters

DIY Roller Shutters – Why pay so much when you can DIY?

You want roller shutters but you are pretty handy in and around the home and want to do it yourself? Well, luckily you have come to the right place in order to get the best service that DIY window shutters can offer. Our team has all the instructions required in order to submit an order online through shutters 4u and provide the installation instructions to get the DIY outdoor shutters on your windows.

Why choose our DIY Roller shutters?

By coming through shutters 4u you are buying high-end roller shutters at a very low cost. A lot of the work and cost involved in the installation of DIY roller shutters is very expensive. Having an expert on hand to mount them on the wall and install the electronic options and repeating this process throughout the house for the homeowner is an expensive task, however, it is a task that anyone can do themselves if they choose to. 

Our team are highly experienced and provides all the instructions in order to help you get the roller shutters installed on the wall.

Our materials are the best on the market

Using specialist foam that insulates the roller shutter slats and giving extra durability and strength to the overall product. Our aluminium is high quality, which side by side with our competitor products is easily shown. 

What do I need to start my own DIY Roller Shutters?

You simply need some measurements, and by going through the website you will see that there is lots of good information that you can use to find your exact measurements. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how competitively priced our DIY outdoor shutters are.

DIY Roller Shutters in 5 easy steps

1.   Choose

a.  Choose your shutter type – Domestic, Bush fire, Cyclone or Commercial roller shutters

b.  Choose your location – on the wall or in the window reveal

c.   Choose your controls – manual, battery powered, or electric

2.   Measure

Follow our simple measuring guide and we’ll custom make your roller shutters to your exact measurements

3.  Order

To place an order just enter your measurements, colours and control choices here (SHOP)

4.  Install

Follow our easy to understand instruction guides and DVD demonstrations to install your shutters

5.  Enjoy

Enjoy the huge savings you’ve just made along with wonderful insulation, noise reduction, privacy and increased security benefits of your new DIY window shutters.

Custom made roller shutters have never been cheaper when choose DIY Roller Shutters by Shutters4U!


Compared to installed shutters, DIY roller shutters are cheaper by at least twenty-five percent to thirty percent. This allows you to choose your electrician, and save on installation costs as well. They are also good for those who have an unpredictable schedule, wish to postpone the installation, or even do the job independently.

Though DIY outdoor shutters are easy to install with clear instructions, they are heavy and must be carefully installed. It is difficult for one person to be installing roller shutters, especially if they do not know how to work with the tools. Once you have installed the shutters, they must be wired into the home’s main electrical supply. DIY window shutters are discouraged for homes with second-storeyed windows and problematic installations. Only installers have the knowledge and experience of handling such projects.

DIY roller shutters are made from high-quality foam and aluminum, which insulate the roller shutter slats. This gives them strength and durability, which is difficult to find in other competitive products.

Homeowners typically install DIY shutters in Australia within an hour, even when they have little experience installing roller shutters. If you live on the second floor and find it challenging to install DIY roller shutters, contact us on our website.

Roller shutters must be thoroughly cleaned to maintain their brightness and functionality. First, clean the individual blades with a feather duster (vacuum cleaner, soft cloth, or dust mitt) or a damp cloth (mild liquid detergent). Never use abrasive cleaning products, wax, or polish as this damages the roller shutters.

Visit our website to order DIY shutters online by choosing the shutter type (commercial, cyclone, bushfire, and domestic), location (window reveal or wall), controls (electric, battery-powered or manual), and measurements.

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