Cyclone Shutters

Cyclone Shutters – strength and protection in sustained and damaging wind conditions

If you live in area subject to cyclonic wind conditions you should consider our cyclone roller shutters. They are idea for closing off outdoor areas and offer a tough and durable solution against sustained and destructive high winds.

Just like our domestic shutters each slat is 40mm high and 9mm wide but the extra high strength in these shutters comes from the high-density foam core. With minimum flex these shutters offer superior tensile strength to withstand a category 3 Cyclone conditions, and wind speed of up to 47m per second or 169 km/h.

In order to provide category 3 cyclone protection, cyclone shutters must be mounted using restrained guides.

Cyclone shutters can be made in widths of up to 4.2m and can be made for heights of up to 4.2m. The maximum size of cyclone shutters is 10 square meters.


Max Window Width 4.2m using restraining guide
Max Window Height 4.4m
Max SQ.M 10m
Weight per Sq.m 6kg
Gauge of Aluminium 0.32mm
Slat Height 40mm
Slat Thickness 9mm

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