Domestic Electric Roller Shutter

Experience effortless security with our Domestic Electric Roller Shutter. Effortless installation and electric-powered convenience for ultimate protection and convenience.
**Important note: You must provide finished sizes, and not opening window sizes. Please refer to our Measuring Guide for any further information.

If you are not sure about the Roller Shutter components, we recommend visiting our Roller Shutter Guide’s page. There, you’ll find comprehensive information and explanations about each component, helping you make informed decisions for your roller shutter needs.

Product Details

Each order of an Electric Roller Shutter includes the curtain, pelmet and guides plus;

1- 240volt Alpha motor (nm determined by shutter size)**

1- Motor axle attatchment

1- Interior wall switch OR multi channel remote control (if wireless option selected)

1- Pack of coloured rivets and plugs




Please note this system requires a licenced electrician to connect the motor to the power source.

**Minimum width of electric shutters are 600mm


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