Shutter Types

Roller Shutter Types

Before you measure your roller shutters you need to know what type of shutter you want, where you want it and how you want to control it.

All our shutters are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate and made from premium quality raw materials. Our stunning domestic roller shutters range will suit the majority of shutter applications for homes in Australia.

In addition to our domestic DIY roller shutters we have a range of speciality shutters to suit special applications including bush fire shutters, cyclone shutters and commercial shutters.

Your shutters come fully assembled all you need do is attach the headbox and guiderails to wall/window on a standard installation.

Domestic Roller Shutters – Cost Effective DIY Roller Shutters

Domestic roller shutters offer a highly versatile and cost-effective solutions for the majority of homes in Australia. They come in a stunning range of colours 15 colours to match in with any décor and are highly versatile.

Each slat is 40mm high and 9mm thick with a dense PU foam core providing excellent strength, durability and insulation properties. Suitable for windows of up to 7.7m 2 they are suitable for most sliding doors and window sizes found in Aussie homes. They can be used on large windows up to 3.6m wide and can be made in heights of up to 4.4m high.


Max Window Width3.6m
Max Window Height4.4m
Max SQ.M7.7
Weight per Sq.m4kg
Gauge of Aluminium0.32mm
Slat Height40mm
Slat Thickness9mm

Bushfire Roller Shutters – Keeping your family safe and protected

If you live in an area at risk of Bushfires you may like to consider using our Bush Fire shutters. These shutters have a 40mm slat height and are 9mm thick similar to our domestic shutters but have superior strength and performance to protect your home in the event of bushfire.

One of the key safety issues in a bush fire situation is that the intense heat can shatter the glass in windows which may allow burning embers and intense heat to enter the home. Our Bush Fire Shutters provide an excellent physical barrier protecting against extreme heat and burning embers.

The high strength aluminium used for the slats is x3 thicker than our domestic roller shutter range to withstand the effects of extreme heat. Our bush fire roller shutters have been extensively tested by CSIRO in simulated severe bushfire conditions. They are rated as BAL (bushfire Attack Level) 40 and can withstand a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 after 60 minutes with no ignition or flaming.

Bush Fire Rated shutters can be used for larger than average openings spanning up to 4.0m wide and can be made up to 3.8m high to accommodate openings of up to 12 square meters.


Max Window Width4.0m
Max Window Height3.8m
Max SQ.M12
Weight per Sq.m8kg
Gauge of Aluminium1.00mm
Slat Height40mm
Slat Thickness9mm

Cyclone Shutters – strength and protection in sustained and damaging wind conditions

If you live in area subject to cyclonic wind conditions you should consider our cyclone roller shutters. They are idea for closing off outdoor areas and offer a tough and durable solution against sustained and destructive high winds.

Just like our domestic shutters each slat is 40mm high and 9mm wide but the extra high strength in these shutters comes from the high-density foam core. With minimum flex these shutters offer superior tensile strength to withstand a category 3 Cyclone conditions, and wind speed of up to 47m per second or 169 km/h.

In order to provide category 3 cyclone protection, cyclone shutters must be mounted using restrained guides.

Cyclone shutters can be made in widths of up to 4.2m and can be made for heights of up to 4.2m. The maximum size of cyclone shutters is 10 square meters.


Max Window Width4.2m using restraining guide
Max Window Height4.4m
Max SQ.M10m
Weight per Sq.m6kg
Gauge of Aluminium0.32mm
Slat Height40mm
Slat Thickness9mm

Commercial Shutters – Increased security and protection large openings

With larger 55mm, and wider 11mm slats than our DIY domestic roller shutters, our commercial roller shutter range is the perfect choice for large openings such as garage doors, large sliding doors and commercial doors. Able to accommodate openings of up to 11.8m 2 and spanning up to 4.2m wide our commercial shutter range is tough, durable and offers increased strength, security and protection for all windows and doors.


Max Window Width4.2m
Max Window Height3.1m
Max SQ.M11.8
Weight per Sq.m3.4kg
Gauge of Aluminium0.32mm
Slat Height50mm
Slat Thickness11mm