Electric powered (hardwired) Roller Shutters

Shutters4U electric (mains) operated roller shutters can be controlled via a wall mounted switch or by remote control. If you have a hand held remote control you do not need a wall mounted switch.

Electric wall mounted switch

Electric roller shutters are quick and simple to operate using a wall mounted switch. Simply press the button for up, down or anywhere in between.

Electric Handheld Remote Control

Operation of your electric roller shutters can be made even easier with the use of a hand held remote control. Shutters4U remote control option allows you the convenience of operating up to 16 different shutters from the one controller. Adding a remote control to your shutters can be of great benefit to the elderly or anyone who has mobility issues as they enable you to operate your roller shutters from the comfort of your arm chair from any room within the house.

Electric Key Operated

Ideal for commercial operations or where an area needs to be locked down, Shutters4U provide a key operated control option. With both surface mounted or flush wall mounted keyed options you can easily secure an area and control who operates roller shutters.