Everyone comes up with different strategies to guard their homes against a cyclone. For example, some cover all their windows with plywood, while others invest in roll-down shutters. The problem with plywood is that you need multiple pieces to cover all the windows, which requires time, money, and energy. In addition, after the cyclone is over, you would have to take them down and store them for future storms. So instead, it is better to have roll-down roller shutters installed at home.

Contrary to plywood or traditional roller shutters, roll-down roller shutters are installed quickly and are motor-operated. When you have a cyclone coming up, simply hit the remote button and watch the shutters automatically roll down. As they have end-retention, they will not fly around or damage the home or office due to air pressure differences. For extra protection, lock roll-down roller shutters into heavy-duty tracks on both sides.

  • Offer superior protection

Cyclone roll-down roller shutters protect your home far better than plywood. Though they are more expensive, the investment guarantees safety and security for the family. Should you have manual roll-down shutters, use the manual hand crank to lower them. This protects the home from solid windows and flying objects, promoting mental peace.

  • Strong and durable

Homeowners usually simply rely on plywood to protect their doors, windows, and homes from a cyclone. Though it extends some protection, you risk significant damage to people and property. However, if you have roll-down roller shutters, you do not worry about your home fighting against strong windows. Cyclones easily rip plywood off the windows, which exposes the home to natural elements. In addition, roll-down roller shutters prevent flying debris throughout the house, which shatters the glass and harms the inhabitants.

  • Maximize light control

Apart from protecting your home against natural disasters, roll-down roller shutters are used to control the amount of window, heat, and sunlight that enters the house. In other words, draw them or pull them away to reduce or maximize the sunlight. Also, roll-down roller shutters promote security if you are not at home for extended periods.

If you do not invest in roll-down roller shutters, nailing plywood boards over the windows before a cyclone. Otherwise, you risk damaging the home’s exteriors that would have to be repaired.

  • Sleek and smooth

As roll-down roller or accordion shutters are fixed investments, they are bulky and oversized. However, they are designed to neatly hide beside or above your windows, along with a range of colors. This can be done to match the door and window frames and accents to the home.

  • Blackouts and ambient temperature

Closing down roll-down cyclone shutters throughout the day to keep the harsh sun away, especially if you live closer to the ground. It is also great if you sleep in the morning as you work at night, if the toddler sleeps poorly in bright rooms, and so on. Instead, install roll-down roller shutters to keep the room cool and dark.

  • Burglar-resistant

Intruders choose homes that are simple enough to break in, as one cannot see the inside of the room through the roll-down shutters. They are usually installed on doors and windows, which acts as a deterrent. Should you choose electric shutters over a manual one, they come with anti-lift protection. As one cannot push them up from outside the window, they cannot break the windows.

  • Easy to install

If you do not have the time to prepare the home for a cyclone, you can easily install roll-down cyclone shutters by yourself. However, hire a professional if you need help. Roll-down roller shutters are usually simple to use, but you can continuously operate them using a handheld remote or wall switch.

  • Highly-Durable

Accordion and roll-down roller shutters can be easily stored on the property, which means that you will not have to replace or repurchase them every season. They tend to get misplaced due to regular use, which is why maintenance is required. In addition, you must maintain the exterior storm shutters, such as repairing locks and other repairs needed due to cyclone damage.

  • Great Insulation Effect

Roll-down roller shutters offer an insulating effect, as it keeps the heat away and reduce energy expenses. They are accommodating if you deal with noise or busy traffic. Roll-down roller shutters offer excellent sound insulation.

As roll-down roller shutters are beneficial in cyclones, you must install them immediately. If you are looking for Australian-made shutters, contact us at Shutters4U.